Training Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the classes held? 

Unless otherwise specified, all classes are held at our offices at 5570 Executive Parkway SE, Grand Rapids, 49512. Click here for a map with directions. 

What is TEA’s bad weather policy? 

TEA rarely cancels classes due to bad weather. If we do, we attempt to notify participants and the organizations by phone as soon as we make a decision to cancel a class. To help us contact you quickly in such a case, please make sure we have your correct contact information. We also try to run the announcement on WZZM’s television channel. 

If the weather looks unsafe for travel, call us and leave a voice mail if necessary. As long as we are notified in advance that the weather prevented you from attending a class, we will work with you to avoid a no-show fee charge to your organization or to help you make up lost learning time. 

How can I pay for my class? 

TEA serves the organizations that request our services. The organization is responsible for all payments to TEA. At the time of registration, organizations have the option to be invoiced or pay with credit card (preferred). Both members and non-members purchasing pre-paid package deals must submit payment to TEA on or before the date of the first class in the package. 

All non-member organizations must pay in advance of attending a class, either by check, cash or credit card. Credit cards cannot be taken on the day of a class, however. They must be charged in advance. 

If your organization has a policy that permits you to sign up and pay for your own classes, and/or to be reimbursed by your organization, you will still need to pay for the class up front if you are a non-member. You should seek reimbursement from your employer. We cannot wait for your employer to pay you and then have you reimburse us after you’ve attended a class. 

What is your class confirmation process? 

When you register for a class online, your enrollment is automatically processed. You will receive an instant email acknowledgment, with your order details, signifying registration was sent to TEA. Our training department receives a copy of this order as well. If more information is needed, a representative in the training department will contact you. 

One week before a class is scheduled to start, a confirmation or cancellation email will be sent. The email address attached to your record will be used. If there is no email address, the person your organization has designated to receive confirmations/cancellations from TEA will receive that notice. It is expected that the person receiving the email will forward it on to the participant. 

Why has my class been canceled?
A minimum number of participants (8-10 depending on the class) need to register in order for the class to run effectively. If the number of participants registered 7 days before a class is below the minimum, the class is canceled. 

I received a confirmation of my class last week, but now have been told it is canceled. Why?
Sometimes registered participants will cancel their registrations right before a class is going to run, causing the number of attendees to fall below the minimum required, resulting in the class being canceled after it has already been confirmed. TEA tries to discourage this practice by charging a cancellation fee to anyone who cancels less than 3 business days before a class, as well as allowing for participant substitutions. 

Why is my company being charged a “no-show” fee?
Registration fees are processed at the time of registration, or immediately when payment is received.  If a registered participant fails to attend a class without 3 days’ notice of cancellation, there is no reimbursement of registration fee. If the registration was made by invoice request, and payment had yet to be received by TEA, the participant’s organization is still expected to pay the full registration fee. This fee helps cover the expenses TEA incurs on the organization’s behalf for material, trainer and sometimes food. 

Why is my company being charged a “late cancellation” fee?
TEA’s cancellation policy is that a registered participant who is not going to attend a class must notify TEA, in writing, within 3 business days prior to the date of the class. 

Can I substitute one employee for another in a class?

Yes, and it is highly recommended that you do so rather than have to pay a no-show fee or late cancellation fee. 

Can I get a special meal?
TEA's full-day programs provide a lunch (with the exception of the CPR Certification program).  TEA understands that many people have dietary restrictions due to social, health or religious reasons and we try to make sure every function where we serve a meal offers choices. If there are special requests, please let us know as soon as you sign up for a class so that we can try to accommodate your needs. However, there may be times when you need to plan to meet your dietary needs on your own, perhaps by bringing in your own meal. 

I did not get a certificate for the class I just attended. Why not?
A certificate of completion is handed out at the end of the day for each class. If you are registered for a class that is scheduled for multiple days, you are expected to attend all days to receive the certificate. If you are registered for one of our Certification Skills Programs, certificates are mailed after successful completion of all required and elective classes for that certificate. Your employer may make a copy for your personnel record and give you the original. 

If you need proof of attendance or a record to put in your file, first check with your employer’s records. You can request an educational audit from our training department. We will put together a list of all the classes you’ve completed at The Employers’ Association to date on a letterhead document, and send it to you or your employer. 

How can I get a replacement CPR card, Bloodborne Pathogens card, or class certificate?
CPR and Bloodborne Pathogens cards can be reprinted for you or your organization for a fee of $10 per card. Class certificate of completion copies will be emailed to you in a PDF format for you to reprint. 

Do you offer classes that provide me with HRCI credits?

Yes, TEA is a Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) Approved Provider. Many of our Human Resource classes offer HRCI recertification credits. You can search our website specifically for these classes, or you will notice the HRCI approved provider seal indicated in the class description for those classes with credits. 

The TEA  certificate of completion will include HRCI credit hours and class number needed to submit to HRCI. The certificate is handed out at the end of the class provided all class requirements have been met.