On-site Training

In addition to our publicly offered programs, The Employers’ Association is able to provide these same trainings onsite at your company’s facilities or at a location of your choice. Because we take the time to accurately assess your specific organizational needs and understand your business, we are able to tailor our programs to ensure they are targeted, relevant, practical, and immediately applicable. Providing our training programs at your location and understanding your culture enhances operational excellence while helping to ensure business sustainability.


Additional benefits of onsite trainings:


·  Your timetable – Workshops can be offered when it is most convenient for you (time of day,
   days of the week, time of the year, etc.).

·  Aligned with your business goals – Programs are tailored for your business to help you meet 
   your goals.

·  Cost effective – Typically if you have more than 8 employees you want to train, 
   providing it onsite offers a savings.

·  Same information at the same time – You can ensure that employees get the same message 
   when they need it and when you need them to have it.

·  Easy to reinforce and follow up – Organizational leaders are able to set expectations and
   provide support for application of new skills.

·  Increased cohesion between teams and individuals – There is a great benefit when
   employees from throughout your organization interact with each other in new ways for the
   purpose of organizational effectiveness.


TEA offers additional programs exclusively as onsite trainings. There are some topics that are less effective when offered in a public setting but become extremely beneficial when provided onsite to your organization.


Visit our Training Programs  for complete program descriptions.


Examples of onsite only programs (contact us for descriptions):


·  Workplace Harassment Awareness

·  Everything DiSC™ Workshop 

·  Making Change Work for You and Others 
·  Feedback Fundamentals
·  Building A Positive Culture  


Additional common onsite programs


·  Assertive Communication - Saying it with Tact

·  Core Leadership Skills

·  Conflict Strategies

·  Dealing with Difficult People: Learning to Respond versus React

·  Effective Communication Skills

·  Introduction to Leadership

·  SLII® Concepts


For more information or to schedule an onsite training, contact our Learning & Development Team at 616.698.1167 or email Ray Bennett.