MIOSHA Behavior-Based Safety Fundamentals and Implementation

MIOSHA Behavior-Based Safety Fundamentals and Implementation
Topic-Safety and Health

Behavioral safety is the application of behavior analysis to work, specifically, safe and unsafe performance of a task. Using scientific principles of motivation, systems are analyzed to identify what is motivating safe or unsafe performance. For example, people take safety shortcuts because they are motivated by the certain and immediate consequence of saving a little time and they are not motivated by the fairly uncertain and unlikely consequence of getting hurt. Systems can then be modified or implemented to improve performance in a positive method. Implementation will be discussed with an emphasis on providing examples from companies who have used behavioral safety successfully.  

For more information regarding MIOSHA certificates or to apply for training scholarships go to www.michigan.gov/mioshatraining.

Lunch is included.

Designed for:  Anyone who shares the responsibility for workplace safety programs.

Presenter(s):  MIOSHA CET Presenter

Cost:  $130 Member & Non-Member - To register with a scholarship, please contact us at 616.698.1167.
12/7/2021 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
The Employers Association 5570 Executive Parkway, SE Grand Rapids, MI 49512 UNITED STATES

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