MIOSHA Part 10 - Cranes and Derricks

MIOSHA Part 10 - Cranes and Derricks
Topic-Safety and Health

This course will review the MIOSHA regulations found in Part 10, Lifting and Digging. Rules regarding crane assembly and disassembly, inspections, safe operation, power line safety, and required training, certifications and qualifications will be covered. The course will describe current best practices and regulatory changes with emphasis on recognizing hazards and complying with the 2012 revision to the Part 10 standard.

For more information regarding MIOSHA certificates or to apply for training scholarships go to www.michigan.gov/mioshatraining.

Price includes lunch


  • Recognize hazards of cranes in construction
  • Discuss assembly, inspection, operational, and disassembly rules.
  • Interpret training requirements for operators, riggers, and signal persons.
  • Practice creating procedures that support compliance with Part 10.
  • Designed For
This seminar is a must for anyone concerned about health and safety on the job including: Managers concerned about liability and workers’ compensation costs; Employees who want to learn proper techniques for protecting their safety and health at work; Business owners who want to learn about compliance with Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA).

Presenter(s):  MIOSHA CET Presenter

Price:  $120 Member & Non-Member
11/27/2018 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
The Employers Association 5570 Executive Parkway, SE Grand Rapids, MI 49512 UNITED STATES

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