Leading Through Times of Change

Leading Through Times of Change
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Great Leaders understand that how they lead through the change process is a critical factor in how they are viewed by their team and by upper management.  Leaders that fail to quickly assess their personal reaction to change can unintentionally create a set of situations in the early stages of the change process that will impede their team from quickly adapting to the change.  Even worse, they could create unintentional barriers that will need to be address by higher levels of management.  This will impact their organization and the perception of their leadership skills.

This half-day course will provide leaders with knowledge and skills necessary to managing the change process for various forms of change such as initiating new processes, introducing new leaders, business mergers, etc.

Course Goal
To equip leaders with the necessary tools required to effectively lead teams through the constant wave of change that all organizations face.

Course Objectives
After completing this series, participants will be able to:
Differentiate between the role as the manager, as a member of management, and as an individual contributor and to identify the expectations at each level when leading through the change process
Design an action plan to effectively lead their team through the change process
Construct a communication strategy to effectively address team and management needs in change situations
Predict and formulate a strategy to deal with potential resistance to change
Create an action strategy to recognize and avoid common pitfalls during the change process

Designed For:  Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leads

Presenter(s):  TEA Facilitator

Early Bird Price (until 9/18/17):  $105 Member | $145 Non-Member
Price (after 9/18/17):  $115 Member | $155 Non-Member
10/18/2017 8:30 AM - 10/18/2017 12:00 PM
The Employers Association
5570 Executive Parkway SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512 United States

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