Outplacement Services

An effective outplacement program can ease employee stress and lower your risk of negative action. You want to treat your outgoing employees well, but big outplacement firms charge premium prices for services that may not be needed. Rather than offer a standard set of programs, The Employers’ Association offers a program that each employee can customize to meet their unique needs at an affordable rate.
We can assist employees in coping with their sense of loss and anxiety by rebuilding their confidence, identifying their key strengths, targeting areas of knowledge and work that they enjoy, and giving them a feeling of self worth. Our outplacement program can represent a key element in an effective severance package.
Outsourced employees can customize their consultation by selecting from the following topics to explore with an outplacement specialist: 

• Adjusting to the job loss 
• Exploring skills, abilities and interests 
• Professional resume development 
• Identifying and utilizing a personal network 
• Effective interviewing 
• Managing the job search 

Let The Employers’ Association work with your affected employees to ensure a successful career transition process. 

More information on pricing and program details.