TEA conducts the most comprehensive compensation and benefits surveys in West Michigan. Survey participation is a privilege of membership and enables companies that participate to receive full reports at no charge.  ALL Members receive summary reports as a part of TEA membership.

Survey Reports available with membership (no cost):

  • Holiday Survey Report
  • TEA Wage & Salary Survey Summary Report
  • Local Pay Trend Survey Report
Surveys available for purchase (members who participate receive at no cost):

Members - The designated person from your organization can view survey reports under My Surveys.
Newly Released Survey Reports

2017 Health Care & Med. Plan Cost
2017 Policies & Benefits
PLUS - National Survey Reports for your Compensation Planning Needs!

Coming Soon

TEA's 2017/18 Wage & Salary Survey
Will be released mid-November. Thank you for your participation!

Contact Marla at 616.698.1167.
TEA conducts industry specific surveys. Special cuts from the Annual Compensation (Wage & Salary) Survey can be designed to your specifications.

Information Interpretation

Our survey staff is able to assist in answering your questions and analyzing survey results to identify trends and anticipate changing market conditions. Identifying trends in pay practices and benefit costs provides an invaluable perspective for human resource professionals charged with managing their organization's labor costs.

Questions regarding any of our surveys or for a custom survey, contact Maggie McPhee or Marla Holzapfel at 616.698.1167.