Trendlines is The Employers’ Association’s monthly whitepaper on essential Business/Human Resources practices.

The Employers’ Association (TEA) delivers reports for businesses that contain relevant and up-to-date information based on our work with hundreds of employers each month.  TEA is known to produce a number of benchmark survey reports every year and we also compile data and observations that provide organizations practical perspectives on important business trends.


January - Human Resources Audit

March - Emergency Preparedness

April - The Insight of Onsite Training

May - Successful Succession Planning

June - Reality of Remote and Hybrid Work

August - Differentiation


January - Organizational Culture

February - Pre-Employment Testing as a Talent Management Tool

March - Training Needs Assessment

April - Organizational Culture Surveys

May - Strategic Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

June - Using Compensation Survey Data

July - Onboarding

August - Employee Engagement Surveys

September - Developing an Effective Compensation Philosophy

November - Training as a Tool to Influence Organizational, Team, and Individual Results


January - Effective Compensation Administration Practices That Promote Internal Equity

February - Employee Engagement Surveys and Employee Retention

March- Overcoming Safety Challenges in Small Businesses

April - Sustainable Coaching Essentials

May - Building Effective Workplace Teams

June - Business Practices Regarding Equity

July - Effectively Developing and Executing an Organizational Vision

August - Employee Engagement Surveys

September - Managing Stress in the Workplace during COVID-19 and Beyond

October - Board Governance

November - (Diversity, Equity and) Inclusion Surveys

December - Affirmative Action Plans as Business Intelligence