Planning for Post COVID-19

by Maggie McPhee, SHRM-CP, PHR, Director of Information Services
Published June 24, 2021

TEA has recently released its PLANNING FOR POST COVID-19 survey report with 113 members participating.  The report focuses on what members are planning to do about pay rates for entry level positions, percent pay changes in the past six months, projected pay changes for the next 6 months, sign on / referral bonuses, and how members are planning to add/bring employees back into the workplace.

Among other things, members reported on how they used hiring bonuses for entry level employees (33% report using hiring bonuses either as a flat one-time rate or spread over a six to twelve month timeframe with bonus amounts reported in percentages and in dollar amounts).  Unique recruitment activities being used to attract candidates were varied but included such things as using enhanced Benefits to attract workers (37% or respondents) and flexible work schedules (15% of respondents).

To see the breadth of creative answers and the full survey report please click here

As of this week, the state of Michigan and our workplaces are fully open, however employers still need to be vigilant and provide a safe work environment.  Being able to demonstrate the safety measures in your organization will help to make applicants and employees alike feel comfortable either entering or returning to the workplace and help your organization regain the strength and momentum needed to meet the business demands of today’s market in the West Michigan region and beyond.  (As an aside, MIOSHA has rescinded all emergency guidelines and deferred to Federal Safety Standards  and will release more specific information by early next week.)

If you have questions about the employment environment or workplace issues for your organization please contact TEA’s HR Helpline at 616-698-1167.