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2021/2022 TEA Wage & Salary Survey

Posted on 9/15/2021
The number one issue identified within Employee Engagement Surveys conducted by TEA each year – no matter the industry or service – is pay. Pay as a primary issue is not only a West Michigan phenomenon, but also a national perception.

Being Held Hostage

Posted on 9/8/2021
Every conversation today, at every level of business from the “production floor” to corner offices, focuses on the lack of people to fill the multitude of positions needed for companies to service their customers while keeping their employees happy..

Unemployment Update

Posted on 8/30/2021
According to the most recent Unemployment Insurance Agency newsletter (August 2021) the Michigan unemployment benefit programs that have been extended as part of the federal American Rescue Plan Act will expire on September 4, 2021.

Retention - Keep the Employees You Already Have

Posted on 8/19/2021
The most critical issue in today’s marketplace and economy is having enough employees to meet customer expectations and service their needs.

Culture - The Ultimate Bargaining Chip

Posted on 8/9/2021
All companies desire and strive for an excellent culture. It has been recognized, acknowledged and validated many times over that companies with great Cultures are more inclusive and diverse...