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Potential Non-Compete Agreement Ban

Posted on 2/1/2023
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently released a proposal to ban non-compete agreements. Noncompete policies and clauses are a tool often used by employers to protect their interests...

Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave Update

Posted on 1/27/2023
On Thursday January 26, the Michigan Court of Appeals has reversed a lower court decision that was set to increase the state’s minimum wage and expand paid sick leave policies.

The Way Things Should Be…

Posted on 1/26/2023
Sentiments expressed by Whitney Fleming Writes were passed on to us by an exceptionally good friend of TEA as food for thought.

MIOSHA Form 300A Posting

Posted on 1/18/2023
The Michigan Occupational Safety and Administration Act (MIOSHA) requires most employers to maintain records on workplace injuries and illnesses that occurred throughout the year.

Be Fearless

Posted on 1/12/2023
Today’s business world is confusing and difficult. Employees are hard to find, turnover is high, orders and customer expectations are up...