TEA Association Health Plan

TEA has formed an Association Health Plan (AHP) through Priority Health with an effective date of July 1, 2019 exclusively for our small-sized members (2 - 50 Full-time Equivalent employees). Members may join our plan any month after 7/1/19; all plans will renew July 1st Annually.

An Association Health Plan provides employers another option for coverage with access to large group rating and plan designs.  An AHP allows small group employers to band together – based on a common industry or geography.  This makes it possible for small employers to take advantage of large group rating and benefit plan offerings and expand access to affordable health coverage,

Our plan is underwritten by Priority Health – a locally-based insurer who has been helping employers and individuals navigate health benefits for over 30 years by offering access to quality care in the places people work and live across the state of Michigan.  All groups in TEA's AHP are rated together for the annual rate calculation; however each group will continue to have their own unique rates based on plan selection and group characteristics in place at the time of the rate calculation.
With our Association Health Plan, you and your employees will have the same access to the services, programs and tools that are offered to all of their commercial group members (PLUS the savings offered through TEA's Association Health Plan) including:

  • Strong network covering 97% of doctors and hospitals in Michigan, and nationwide coverage for members who live or travel outside of Michigan through Cigna Payer Solutions
  • Nationally recognized customer service including a call center that is open during lunch hours, after hours and a licensed care management team to help members with complex conditions
  • Tools such as Cost Estimator that allow you to shop and be rewarded for the lowest costs for procedures and prescriptions
  • Personalized well-being programs that create and promote better health experiences
  • additional information can be found within the Reference Documents at the top right of this page

While you may currently have a different renewal month for your benefit plan(s), we strongly encourage eligible employers to compare TEA's Association Health Plan (and premium costs) to your current coverage. You may find that you can offer a competitive benefit package at a reduced cost to your employees allowing you to better attract and retain top talent in your organization.

How it Works - you must be a Member of TEA to request a quote!

If you are a current TEA Member, contact your insurance Agent to request a quote.  If you do not have an Agent, contact TEA for a referral.  You will be working directly with your agent for quotes and enrollment through Priority Health.

If you are not a current TEA member, contact TEA's Director of Engagement, Brian Bacon, at 616.698.1167 to discuss membership options.

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