Organizational Culture Surveys

Measure your Culture - Master your World

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Whether Peter Drucker actually made that statement, the reality remains the same – an organization’s culture has a more significant impact on outcomes and results than most leaders are aware.

Many organizations talk about culture. Everyone wants to be a part of a great culture and the majority of workers will even take a pay cut to be in one (and they are miserable and significantly less productive within a bad culture). Few people can describe what a great culture is, looks, or feels like. The old adage, “I do not know what I want nor even what I do not want BUT will know instantly what it is when I see it,” describes company culture to a tee.

Companies desire and strive to create excellent cultures. Those organizations that have great cultures are more inclusive and diverse, have greater productivity, increase their ability to retain employees, create less stress, experience less absenteeism, enjoy better internal cooperation, are able to establish teams that function more effectively (faster issue resolution, greater innovation, happier employees, and fewer problems) – a long litany of very positive outcomes exist. A poor culture has the opposite internal impact and often results in a lower-quality product, a less enjoyable environment, higher turnover, lower profitability (and the opposite of all the previously listed benefits).

Moving to an excellent culture does not need to be overwhelming to produce significantly positive results BUT until the actual culture is identified and measured, leaders cannot accurately advance it to something better. Organizational Culture Surveys play an important part in changing a culture by defining the current status so that an understanding can be formulated specifying what a new culture might look like. Those choosing not to establish goals and objectives may not fail BUT will never fully enjoy success. Those preferring to focus on the process used to drive activities rather than the results expected from the utilization of sound business practices may create short-term change but rarely experience long-term (OR long-lasting) rewards.

The Employers’ Association can help “Measure (and improve) your Culture so you can Master your (work) World (and achieve your desired results).  

The Organizational Culture Survey:
  • Measures 7 critical functional areas within a company that are essential to a great culture
  • Defines the existing culture
  • Identifies specific deliverables a company can accomplish by improving their culture
  • Charts a path of detailed activities to achieve an improved culture
  • Makes the change process and implementation clear, concise, straightforward, and achievable
  • Educates how to implement and live a new  organizational culture

For additional information please contact Brian Bacon, Director of Engagement, at 616.698.1167.