Human Resources Audit - Your Vital Look for Success

Successful companies review and measure their operational practices and processes regularly.  Reviewing HR processes and practices is just as vital to the overall success of the organization but is often overlooked in our ever-changing regulatory world.  

Conducting a comprehensive examination of HR policies, systems and procedures enable an organization to evaluate legal and safety compliance while making sure that fair and equitable systems are in place internally to recruit and retain highly qualified talent.  A good HR Audit will develop efficiencies in documentation, recordkeeping, employee classifications, compensation determinations, and the reasonable (and predictable) consistent treatment of all employees. An HR Audit can also help:

  • Provide a comprehensive overview of relevant regulations and accepted business practices
  • Serve as a "user friendly" barometer to measure a company's degree of compliance
  • Act as an early warning device to ward off potential trouble within an organization


TEA has developed (and will provide interested organizations) a comprehensive instrument to complete and return to our office – potentially a significant investment of time to perform some research that will ultimately allow the auditor to get a clear picture of how an organization’s HR operations are managed.  Upon receipt of the completed instrument, TEA staff will review and compile the information, keeping in mind area benchmarks that might be significant.  TEA will develop a list of suggestions for changes and/or improvements to your current practices along with a suggested action plan and a time line for implementation.  TEA provides ongoing support to accomplish the plan – often as part of our regular Help Line activity at no additional cost.


The major areas covered by an HR Audit include:

  • Hiring and Retention Practices
  • Employee Development Plans
  • HR Related Legislative Changes
  • Safety / Health Provisions
  • Recordkeeping
  • Compensation and Benefits Practices

For more information and pricing or to schedule your HR Audit, contact us at [email protected] or 616-698-1167.