Employee Handbook Development / Review

A well-written, concise and understandable employee handbook is one the most important documents employers can provide to new hires.  It allows employees to know who your company is (what is written and how it is presented help to communicate your corporate culture) and establishes some of your work expectations for them.  TEA has decades of experience creating handbooks that are compliant with legal requirements, easily understood by all employees and concise in their presentation.  We also review established handbooks to make sure that they remain up to date with ever-changing rules and regulations.  When TEA reviews (or develops) your employee handbook the finished product will:

  • Enhance company credibility
  • Support company culture and values, and
  • Provide consistent guidelines for employees (and employers) to follow.

What We Do…

TEA staff will review or develop your company handbook to maintain practical compliance with commonly recognized legal requirements and ensure it expresses the company’s philosophy, mission and culture.

Our Process

  • We learn about your company and the culture.
  • If developing a handbook, we build from a template to communicate what each organization wishes employees to know in a way that promotes operational excellence and ensures compliance with ever-changing HR-related rules and regulations.
  • If reviewing an existing handbook we:
    • Compare what is present to a master list of policies (adding those that are essential) and often recommending that non-essential issues be eliminated.
    • Make sure that the statements communicated are in full compliance with pertinent state and federal laws.
    • Ensure language is clear and policies are easy to administer.
  • Review suggested changes with the company before finalizing the handbook.

Why Use The Employers’ Association

  • We are a local source for questions and follow-up – understanding West Michigan culture and values.
  • We have gained the perspective to provide practical compliance solutions by working with hundreds of members over the years.
  • We provide an affordable solution.

For more information, or to request a proposal, contact us at [email protected] or 616-698-1167.