Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

The Employers’ Association is dedicated to helping organizations create inclusive workplaces.  Organizations may initiate Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) strategies from multiple perspectives, such as a moral imperative (it is the right thing to do), a business case, compliance, or a combination of all of those.  The Employers’ Association provides tools to support all sizes and types of business through their journeys to DEI implementation.

TEA works with organizations that are early in their development process as well as businesses who have well established DEI practices.  We understand that each organization is unique and there is no “one right way” for organizations to work on their cultures and practices.  We work with organizations to match their organizational size, dedicated resources (if any), past “successes” and “failures” and other factors to their DEI goals.

  • DEI needs assessment/cultural audit that consists of surveys, focus groups, key interviews in addition to policy and practice reviews providing a baseline from which to proceed.
  • Assessment that measures employee’s experiences AND your business practices related to five key DEI factors.
  • DEI strategy design and development to identify key indicators and measures, business alignment and leadership commitment.
  • Executive Leadership and employee involvement through establishment of DEI Councils and Employee Resource Groups to provide critical business intelligence.
  • “Diversity” Coaching that can include leader development, last chance agreements, team development and supporting successful DEI implementation.
  • Develop or update Compensation Plans with the ability to analyze and prevent disparities among diversity dimensions.

If you have questions about our DEI services/solutions please contact Jason Reep, President, at [email protected] or 616-698-1167.