Organization Development

TEA provides consultation services and project support to members developing or improving employee communications, performance management systems or HR recordkeeping processes.  We can help identify what employees think about their workplace and changes they would like to see enacted as well as measuring their level of engagement.  We can work with individuals or small groups through coaching and mentoring to promote operational excellence.  Managing talent is critical and TEA can help attract a qualified workforce through our inclusion and diversity efforts then retain employees by developing effective compensation administration systems.  Consulting services most utilized by members would include:

Compensation Administration Program Development  designed to ensure internal equity and external competitiveness while providing a predictable (and defensible) method to reward performance and communicate expectations.

Performance Management Systems that help develop individual or corporate goals, communicate Management expectations then monitor and communicate objective measurements of goal accomplishment. 

Employee Engagement Surveys  that determine and benchmark employee opinions and measures their engagement utilizing one of the only validated instruments in the country.  Our survey results are compared to regional and national “norms” then discussed with both Management and employees to initiate change and recognize individual concerns and maximize employee efforts.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys gives you the opportunity to follow up with your happiest customers (to turn them into advocates), and your unhappiest customers (to fix problems and retain their business).  

HR Audits (to ensure corporate compliance with ever-changing employment legislation) and Handbook Development / Review (to communicate company expectations and define workplace environment) are critical structural and communication tools that help employees understand what is expected of them and employers treat those that work for them with dignity, consistency and respect.

Affirmative Action Plan Development and Review  for members doing business with the Federal Government (AND some municipal government units).  We work with you to create fully compliant plans and partner with you to implement changes that address needs identified through the Plan.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) - The Employers’ Association is dedicated to helping organizations create inclusive workplaces.  Organizations may initiate DEI strategies from multiple perspectives, such as a moral imperative (it is the right thing to do), a business case, compliance, or a combination of all of those.  The Employers’ Association provides tools to support all sizes and types of business through their journeys to DEI implementation.

Coaching / Mentoring services to help small groups become more effective or individual employees grow to their full potential.  We identify strengths and work to maximize their effect on the Organization AND seek to minimize the impact that potential weaknesses might have while seeking to overcome their detrimental effect.  Coaching can also help during times of succession or management transition – working closely to help leaders achieve their expectations.  

Since the only thing constant in the world of Human Resources is change, we serve as a resource to help you keep up to date on the latest legislation, court findings and practical issues you may face as you strategically position your organization for growth.  Learn more about any specific service by clicking on its title above OR give us a call at 616.698.1167.