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Joining The Employers’ Association is a cost-effective decision. Your annual membership fee provides a wide range of services to prevent HR problems. Members have access to salary surveys, compliance help, and management advice at no additional cost. Training and consulting services are available at discounted rates.


How do I join? 

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After searching various HR sites on my own for about 15-20 minutes, I called TEA for assistance. I left a very specific topic (I was looking for "bad hire costs"). I was so impressed that within ten minutes, I had an email from Rob Strate...with a PERFECT article/white paper on the subject. The article far exceeded what I had found on my own. I need to remember that TEA is truly an extension of my HR department! Thank you!
Cathy Kubiak
Executive Director of Human Resources
Grand Rapids Community College

How to Calculate Your TEA Dues


1.   Take your total FICA-taxable wage amount (found on your W3 form - #3) from the previous year’s

      tax return

2.   Divide by 10,000 (round to nearest 10,000)

3.   Add 30

4.   Multiple by 4 = Annual dues

The MAXIMUM annual dues an organization will invest................................$3,000*

The MINIMUM annual dues an organization will invest....................................$500

*The maximum annual dues for a non-profit organization is........................$2,000

Business Expense

Dues paid to The Employers’ Association are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes. Dues are considered an ordinary and necessary business expense or deducted under other provisions of the IRS Code as recommended by your accountant.

Cancellation Requirement

Membership is automatically renewed annually for all members in good standing. To cancel membership, TEA must receive written notification. Any unpaid charges must be paid prior to a membership cancellation. Cancellations received will take effect at the end of the quarter in which the notice was received. The member is responsible for payment of all membership dues/service invoices issued to that point.

Membership in The Employers’ Association is held by the organization as a benefit for all employees.

Membership is not held by an individual. 

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For questions, please contact Ron Scott at 616.698.1167.