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Joining The Employers’ Association is a cost-effective decision. Your annual membership fee provides a wide range of services to prevent HR problems. Members have access to salary surveys, compliance help, and management advice at no additional cost. Training and consulting services are available at discounted rates.


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One of the most valuable aspects of our membership in The Employers' Association is the Wage and Salary Survey. It is important to have a survey that is made up of local companies. Many other surveys include the entire state, or an even larger area of the country, and these are useful; however, to be able to review local information is invaluable for us in evaluating our wage ranges.
-HR Manager from Member Company
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2016/17 Wage & Salary Survey Report

Learn the key factors to use when interpreting a wage survey from The Employers' Association.

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TEA has conducted the most comprehensive compensation and benefits surveys in the West Michigan area and has for over 50 years. 45% of our members participate in one or more of our five major surveys.

Surveys available:

  Health Care & Medical Plan Costs
  Policies & Benefits
  Salary Budget
  Wage & Salary

  Executive Compensation
  Wage & Salary

Our annual Wage and Salary survey is our most utilized survey and has grown to 355 jobs.

* TEA co-sponsors our national surveys with the Employers' Associations of America.

TEA also conducts custom surveys. Special cuts from the annual wage & salary survey or a customized survey can be designed to your specifications.

Information Interpretation

Every year TEA compares surveyed data to the previous year’s results to identify trends and anticipate changing market conditions. The continuity of our survey database makes this comparison of historical information possible. Identifying trends in pay practices and benefit costs provides an invaluable perspective for human resource professionals charged with managing their organization’s labor costs.

All survey participants receive local survey results at no cost to them. All TEA members receive a summary of the annual local Wage and Salary report. Members may access local summary survey data here. To purchase TEA local and/or national surveys, click here.

Questions regarding any of our surveys or for a custom survey, contact Maggie McPhee or Marla Holzapfel at 616.698.1167.