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I have (and do) use TEA whenever necessary. The owners and I have expressed to each other how important it is for us to be a member of TEA. We appreciate the help you provide us.
Dan Meyers, ROF
Master Finish Company

Technology Changes Are Coming


Change AheadThe world is changing. Long-time peers are phasing away from their careers (NOT retiring but rather backing off a bit). New talent is entering the workplace - fresh ideals replacing established (and occasionally jaded) patterns and attitudes. Where once we read daily newspapers and weekly magazines to keep fully informed on world events, we are now bombarded regularly with notices, bulletins and e-mails intended to (it might seem) relate the news before it even happens. Information is everywhere in today's world - which is why The Employers' Association has focused on how you, as members, can best APPLY information to develop practical solutions (seeking and analyzing the risk involved with acting appropriately) rather than finding rules and regulations (that often tell us what we cannot do rather than what might be possible). In order to harness the power of data, however, we must leverage the tools available to us, making sure all (and any) information that MIGHT be needed is inputted so there is value in the outputs we provide. Why is OUR understanding of this important to YOU as a member of The Association? We are pleased to inform you of a major electronic transition taking place - a transformation that will allow you to better access information, register for classes, update your contact information and communicate with our staff. Along with the installation of a new Association Management Database we will be implementing a new "user-friendly" website that should make our resources more accessible to you. While our "technical upgrade" has been in the works for some time, we are about to "go live" internally and will be revealing the fruits of our labor to membership over the next few months.

What does the change mean to you? PROBABLY a slightly frustrating transition as you go from our old (but highly effective) static information-giving system to a highly interactive, self-maintained information sharing system (picture a transition from "horse and buggy" to "racecar"). As with any change, however, to reap great rewards we must be willing to work to understand (and influence) the planting process. Bumps in the road are bound to appear - and we thank you in advance for your patience and assistance in making the transition happen. When finished, members will be able to register for training on-line (receiving instant confirmation and payment acknowledgement). You will be able to establish your own password and update contact information "live." Rather than sending invoices for services, your activity will be entered into your company's account (so that you can track contacts, enrollments, and service utilization) with an e-mail being sent to you informing you that an entry has been made and a payment is due. Members will be able to access surveys on-line, learn what questionnaires are "in progress" and check to ensure they have participated in order to receive full reports. We will be expanding our "HR Toolkit" to include even more forms and policies as well as enhancing our "Valued Partner" discounted service offerings. Features that have become familiar to you may be replaced with more streamlined ways of doing things and "buying choices" will look more like what you have become used to through other shopping websites. We hope to provide a more interactive site that will allow you to identify (and communicate) your needs then find the solutions needed through The Employers' Association.

In life, the only certainty is change. Change in our jobs can be both exciting AND scary. Change in our relationships can trigger both anticipation and angst. Change in our habits can push us to accomplish new objectives while closing the door upon things that have become comfortable to us. Change, however, is not only certain, it is necessary if we wish to grow rather than stagnate. The same is true with our new database and Association Management System. It is our intent to provide you with a new and exciting experience - one that you can more fully control and that will provide better resources for your utilization. As with any change, however, inconvenience (and a bit of frustration) may be a precursor to your realizing our ultimate goals. We thank you in advance for helping us to make your membership a better experience - and ask that you share both your patience AND your good ideas as we work together to "build a better Association."