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Joining The Employers’ Association is a cost-effective decision. Your annual membership fee provides a wide range of services to prevent HR problems. Members have access to salary surveys, compliance help, and management advice at no additional cost. Training and consulting services are available at discounted rates.


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Thanks for handling our last advertisement in the GR Press and subsequent applications so expediently! I ended up with a handful of experienced and skilled credit union people to interview. Hopefully, I’ll have a new hire by this time tomorrow! TEA never fails and I appreciate it!
Anna Marie Zielinski, CCUE
FedCom Credit Union
Success should not be measured by the type of work one does but rather by the satisfaction one receives from doing it.

Employment Solutions for TEA Members

TEA recognizes the difficulty many are having in the recruitment and retention of top talent within our West Michigan labor market. As a benefit to our members, we have assembled a diverse group of companies that perform employment-related activities with whom you can work – all offering special pricing or other exclusive value-added features. Additional employment-related services available through TEA provide members all the resources necessary to make informed and successful hiring decisions.

Employment Solutions Group

Members - access more details here or contact Rob at 616.698.1167.

Employment Services


Helping you make the best employment decisions. TEA can help you hire the right employees for the job using our discounted employment advertising, applicant referral services, screening and interviewing, pre-employment testing and background and reference checks. Outplacement assistance is also available for those separating from your company.

Employment Advertising
TEA assists members in placing recruitment advertising at discounted rates with the Grand Rapids Press and other MLive Media Group newspapers and electronically at 

Employment Screening and Interviewing Services
TEA can save members time and money by screening resumes, doing telephone interviewing, and/or conducting face-to-face interviews with job applicants. We work with your interviewers to assure compliance with state and federal employment laws. To arrange for screening or interviewing services, contact Rob Strate at 616.698.1167.

Background Investigation Services
Members can make informed hiring decisions by taking advantage of the low-cost, fast turnaround background checking service provided by a TEA Partner, AAIMEA.

Employment Testing Services
The most accurate indicator of job success is through employment testing and TEA offers a wide variety of tests that can be administered at your location or at our offices.  For descriptions of some of our many tests, click here

Outplacement Services
We provide assistance to your former employees who need help in re-entering the job market, from single individuals to groups of up to 20 people.