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Joining The Employers’ Association is a cost-effective decision. Your annual membership fee provides a wide range of services to prevent HR problems. Members have access to salary surveys, compliance help, and management advice at no additional cost. Training and consulting services are available at discounted rates.


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TEA's Employee Engagement Surveys

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Our recently updated survey taps the wealth of information available from your “internal consultants” and provides management with targeted, actionable data that will lead to significant improvements in your organization’s business results.

Contact Rob Strate at 616.698.1167 to learn more about our Employee Engagement Survey.

Consulting Services


TEA provides expertise in performance management systems design; compensation system review, development, and implementation; succession planning and organizational development; employee coaching; opinion surveys; HR audits; affirmative action; and loss control consultation.

Compensation Administration
Performance Management Programs
Employee Engagement Surveys
HR Audits
Handbook Development and Review 
Affirmative Action

Compensation Administration

Experienced Association professionals will work with your employee and management groups to identify the essential duties of each job, rating the skill, experience and knowledge needed to perform assigned tasks. We can then develop job descriptions, compare jobs both internally and externally to determine relative worth, then develop a competitive pay/benefits package which can be administered internally by your own personnel. Having developed more than 400 compensation administration plans, TEA has become one of the most trusted compensation advisors in the region.  Contact Dave Smith at 616.698.1167 for additional information on Compensation Administration. 

Performance Management Programs
An organization’s success can be measured by how well its employees are motivated. Great employers encourage their employees to establish performance goals, and then provide objective feedback as to their progress at accomplishing the goals. The Association has years of experience helping members develop systems that help develop
performance goals, communicate management expectations, then monitor and communicate objective measurements of goal accomplishments. Contact Rob Strate at 616.698.1167 for additional information on Performance Management Programs.  

Employee Engagement Surveys
The Association surveys employees with a proven instrument to determine and benchmark employee opinions and measure employee engagement. We tabulate and analyze the survey responses, compare the results to both local and national norms, and provide post-survey consultation with management to focus efforts in adapting change that empowers individuals to maximize their efforts. For information on our Employee Engagement Surveys contact Rob Strate at 616.698.1167.

HR Audits
The Association provides a practical perspective to employee communication and organizational compliance issues. We continually examine published HR policies, review practices, examine files, check postings, and recommend changes that should be made in order to bring the HR function into compliance with ever-changing standards and guidelines.  Contact Maggie McPhee at 616.698.1167 for additional information on HR Audits.

Handbook Development and Review
The Association is frequently asked for assistance in the review or development of clear, concise employee handbooks and policy/procedure manuals. Association staff can write, review and/or publish an employee handbook for you. Members can also use our library files and “how to” guides to develop their own.! When used in concert with our Michigan Employment Law Guide, employers can rest assured that their intended employee relations philosophy is well communicated. For information on Handbook Development and Review, contact Maggie McPhee at 616.698.1167.

Coaching - Performance and Behavioral
Many problems at work affect an individual’s productivity. Interpersonal problems are often the most troubling because they seem insurmountable. TEA provides individual coaching for supervisors, directors or team members.  We incorporate DiSC as an integral part of the coaching plan and recommend a meeting with the employee and supervisor before commencing on this plan.  For more information, contact Ron Scott at 616.698.1167.

Affirmative Action
Do you have at least 50 employees and meet one or more of the following three criteria? You have $50,000 or more in federal contracts/subcontracts per year; you supply products/services that total $50,000 or more to companies that have federal contracts/subcontracts and 50 or more employees; and/or you serve as a depository of government funds or act as an agent for U.S. Savings Bonds and notes.

If so, your business is required to have an annual written Affirmative Action Plan (AAP). Our experienced Affirmative Action professionals can work with your organization to create fully compliant AAPs. We can also partner with you to implement changes that address needs identified through your AAPs. Federal regulations regarding Affirmative Action are complex and constantly changing. You can count on us to provide the guidance and assistance you need. For more information, contact Jason Reep at 616.698.1167.